dimanche 11 août 2013

How to remove the glue on the false eyelashes

Hey yo (★^O^★)

Yesterday I remove glue on my false eyelashes to give them a new life :3 because they are not damaged so far, just filled with glue, it gives a dirty look.

So,I tried to make a tutorial, just take my picture of spirited remove the glue is rather difficult xD

But before I present the false eyelashes that I use for my make up ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Diamond Lash and Decorative :

I love them
The ones I use.
I like them

too discreet.

Too discreet.

And I want you to know about false eyelashes " Decorative" they are great, I love them so much!

The ones I use.

The best glue that I use, Mario Guissani


For remove the glue on the false eyelash

I need alcohol and a recipiant.

Certain person uses Cleansing, soap and water or even the olive oil, I only test the alcohol.

I pour a little alcohol in recipiant I file my false eyelashes in and I let pause 10 minutes to 1 hour, it depends on the quality of false eyelashes or the thickness of the lash band.

Warning be careful because leaving too lonftemps can destroy your false eyelashes.

While firmly gripping the lashes with one hand, use the tweezers to gently pull of sections of glue adhered to the lash band.

In fact, I have  nails that are just the right length, not too long and not too short, I use my nails to pull off the glue from the lashes instead of using tweezers.

watch this video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdrTyt23PVE from 2.00 for how to do this.

Last night I finished watching "Gal circle", I find it interesting, funny and sometimes sad. At the end of each espisode there is lesson about life. I really appreciated, but the coordination and makeup is a little disappointing.

After with my boy friend, we had watched Romeo + Juliet, I love this movie, so tragic but so romantic <3

jeudi 1 août 2013

Newcomers + pics of the last meeting

Hi you :D

 Today I will introduce you to the newcomers in the community that I help or  just appreciated ^__^

In first I will present you Min Jihé that I help enormously,
 I admit it is a little difficult for me because I don't  really know the himekaji/Roma style,
 but I do my best to advise her at best ^__^

Interview with Min Jihé ...

- Age : 18 years old
- Location : France  (Lille)

- Which style do you want to improve in ? 
For the moment, I'm reall interested by Hime Kaji, so I try to be better in this style. I try to have good clothes. Also, I try to find a max of information abou hairstyle, because is the harder thing for me in hime kaji.

- Which brand is your favorite ? 
I really like several brands. First it's Liz Lisa. I really like the stuff of this brand, all is lovely and feminine. I hope to have Liz Lisa's items in my wardrobe one day. Then I really like Glavil by Tutuha <3 I don't know really why I like this brand. And finally, it's not a brand, but I really like the clothes who are sale on Dream V Shop.

 - Who's the model you prefer ? 
TSUBASA MASUWAKA <3 <3 I really find this girl perfect  =3 But there are a lot of very beautiful model.

- Which style/sub-style is your favorite ?
 Actually, my two favorites substyles are Rokku Gal and Hime Kaji
(Hey Teacher Galily, you see. I remind me the name of this substyles now  ^=^).
 This is two really different substyles, but  I really like the detail of each trend.

- Which style have you worn before ? 
I'm a lolita ! I wear lolita since the end of 2009. I love this fashion, but, today,  I need to change.
--- Is the transition to gyaru style difficult for you ?
 Actually not really. I've got a great Teacher and friend : Galily <3 She help me to find my way, to chose the good clothes and make up  She help me a lot. Also, my BF is a Gyaru-o, so he help me too :3 I think that I'm a very lucky girl \0/

- What's it that you like about gal style ?
 For me, Gyaru is the most feminine fashion in the world. You can be cute, or sexy. Then, I really like the make up of this movement. The Hairstyles are so awesome too. Also, I really like Japan, and this fashion keep my eye when I read some news paper, or when I see Japanese's snap.
 It's just the PERFECT Style.

- And a final word ?
Be who you want to be. We can use fashion to show who we are. I'm a lolita, ok, so I look like a little girl. But, I'm a Gyaru too, so I'm also a real woman.
I really hope to be a perfect gyaru in some months.
Please support me =3.
I really want to thanks my teacher :)
Galily you're the best ever  ( thanks you sweetie <3 )

Secondly, I present to you Trinity, a Swiss newcomer gal that I help and I appreciate enormously <3 
I look forward to be on August 18, we meet again :3

Interview with Trinity ...

-Age : 17 years old
- Location : Fribourg, Switzerland

- Which style do you want to improve in ?
Rokku Gyaru

- Which brand is your favorite ? 
D.I.A ( I really like, but I have no clothes of this brand for the moment ;-; )

- Who's the model you prefer ? 
No one again ( I don’t know really good all models of Gyaru )

- Which style/sub-style is your favorite ? 
Kuro and Rokku.

- Which style have you worn before ? 
Sweet Lolita and Scene.
--- Is the transition to gyaru style difficult for you ? 
A little bit, because there are a lot of news things in this style. 

- What's it that you like about gal style ? 
I like Gyaru style because it’s very girly in all way :3  We can be cute, sexy, rock, gothic.. 
They are a lot of details and I really appreciate this. 

- And a final word ? 
I’m a newcomer but I try to make the better of myself. 
I really want to improve my style in Rokku Gyaru and I hope it will be good soon! ^3^

And I don't forget the other newcomers that I love too ^__^
Done your best sweeties <3

Saori from Switzerland

Chu Jung Hyeri from France

Kloé From Paris ( France )

Gaelle From France
Girls, don't hesitate to seek advices ^__^ And have fun in your new lifestyle :)
Welcome in the communauty <3

And this is a makeover by Gyarunity ( my circle ) on my friend Emma
She is so pretty in the Rokku style ^__^/

Lors d'un meet-up organisé par Gyarunity, vous pouvez nous demander, un peu en avance, que l'on vous fasse un make up et coiffure ^__^

Next meet-up on August 18 :)

And pics of the last meeting with Gyarunity <3
It was a chill-out meeting at my home :) 

That's all :D
CHU ~~